Sony and Ready At Dawn Part Ways
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by Lincoln Hughes
1 hours ago

Hmmm, i'm assuming that you're talking about the base of the plant moving as much as the top? If so, not really unless you wanted to make your own custom shader to control only the top vertices in the mesh. Right now, inside of the foliage shader, it's a super basic grass wind node that comes with the base version of Unreal... Let me know if you find a solution for this :)

by Tudor Whiteley
4 hours ago

Hi Lincoln, Thanks for this. I found it incredibly informative. Could I ask you a question about your wind + plant movement? Is there any way to stop it looking like the plants are rooted in moving water. I find it horribly distracting and pulls me out of my suspension of disbelief. Cheers, Tudor

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13 hours ago

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Sony and Ready At Dawn Part Ways
10 June, 2015

On June 9 2015 Ready At Dawn studio announced that it will publish games independently from now on. It seems that the developer has parted ways with Sony after the unsuccessful release of the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886 videogame.

The project got panned by gamers and critics alike. An anonymous claimed that Sony decided to drop Ready At Dawn one month after the release of The Order 1886. The publisher will retain full IP rights which means the possibility of future sequels. According to a recent interview by Ready at Dawn founder Ru Weerasuriya, the studio wanted to continue working on the series and now it seems unlikely.

The Order 1886 hit the market in February of 2015. It was poorly received by gaming journalists and now holds on of the lowest scores for PS4 exclusives on Metacritic with only 63 out of a 100. In less than a month several retailers have put a major discount on it. Ready At Dawn didn’t take this well and even threatened to pull ads over the low review scores.

In other news:

Executive Quits Blizzard to Become CEO of Ready At Dawn


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