Substance Designer: Bakers With Skew Correction
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I am very impressed! It is easy to see you are on your way to a well-deserved wonderful future.

An absolutely great read, thank you for this. Really lays a foundation on how to go about the learning process.

Hi Matthew and Mr VFX, I’m currently researching this topic of decomposing images into shading and reflectance layers. I would love to learn about what you are trying to use this for to learn more about applications for this technology.

Substance Designer: Bakers With Skew Correction
30 June, 2017

Allegorithmic released the next version of the beloved material editing software, which includes better bakers, improvements to the graph, the HBAO filter and the Autolevel node.

Here are the official details from Allegorithmic’s blog. As mentioned in the previous Substance Painter announcement, this version of Substance Designer is not numbered.


The UI has been redesigned to cover less screen space while displaying the same amount of information in a streamlined layout. This will allow us to add new interesting components to the baking UI in the near future, stay tuned.

Speed has been addressed, with the high poly meshes being loaded only once and kept in memory until the baker is closed. We can now interact with the Substance Designer UI, check the bake result in the 2D/3D view and keep the window opened.

Baking times should now be much, much shorter.

Finally, a new Skew Correction option has been added to all raytraced bakers. This will allow you to supply a black and white mask to drive the baking and avoid any distortion on hard surface bakes.


The graph size data from the Parent toolbar is now saved directly within the graph. You can now resize graph frames from any corner and borders.

Thumbnail generation times in the graph have been improved and the amount of cache dedicated to them is now customizable in the Preferences.

Finally, graph inputs can now be copy and pasted, either individually or in bulk, from one graph to another, retaining all of its properties.



The hbao filter has been updated, you can now choose between multiple levels of quality and the radius control now behaves in a more natural way. The filter can also now take a 16f/32f image input.


New renderer presets have been added to the converter, you can now translate your BaseColor, Metallic and Roughness channels to fit with new shaders: Renderman (PxrSurface), Corona 1.6, Arnold 4 (AlSurface) and Arnold 5 ((AiStandard).


The Autolevel node is slightly faster, now provides the best possible quality (the Quality parameter has been removed) and supports 16f/32f values: it will remap any HDR to fit the [0, 1] range.

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