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SuperGears on Developing a Comprehensive Racing Game in Unity

SuperGears Games' Co-Founder and CEO Yasin Demirden has joined 80 Level to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Racing Kingdom, an ambitious Unity-powered racing game that aims to redefine the mobile gaming landscape.

In late 2023, indie studio SuperGears Games announced Racing Kingdom, an ambitious mobile racing game universe that aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape and seamlessly merge all genres of racing games into one all-encompassing experience.

Powered by Unity, Racing Kingdom utilizes the engine's Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) to deliver next-gen graphics optimized for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

To delve deeper into the studio's vision for Racing Kingdom, we recently spoke to SuperGears Games' Co-Founder and CEO Yasin Demirden, who shared insights into the game's development process and what players can expect upon its release.

Discussing the history of SuperGears Games, the CEO revealed that the studio is relatively young, having been established in 2022 by Yasin and his brother, Yakup Demirden.

"Together, we've had a hand in some pretty successful games in the gaming world. We've been called the Demirden Brothers! Over the years, we've dabbled in various game genres like MMOFPS, horror-adventure, action, and racing, reaching millions of players globally. With more than two decades of experience in PC game development, we decided to dive into the mobile gaming scene by launching SuperGears Games."

Yasin describes Racing Kingdom as a racing game universe set to redefine the mobile gaming landscape by merging all racing game genres into one cohesive experience. It offers next-generation graphics and ultra-realistic sound, along with unique features like regional battles, the ability for players to design their own vehicles from scratch, and pet add-ons, striving to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

"Scheduled for release on mobile devices in 2024, Racing Kingdom is set to begin with drag racing, the most popular racing genre, as the platform's debut game. However, our ambition doesn't stop there. Our vision includes expanding the game library by adding other popular racing genres such as drift, off-road, and motocross, creating an unparalleled racing universe that brings together speed enthusiasts.

Moreover, Racing Kingdom is dedicated to shifting the social gameplay experience to the next level, fostering cross-game interaction and player-to-player trading, and ensuring that our community remains deeply engaged with Racing Kingdom as the epicenter of their gaming experiences. From core gamers to casual players, everyone can expect the unexpected and fall in love with Racing Kingdom."

As mentioned in the CEO's previous comment, the initial game to debut in the new universe will center on drag racing. Here's Yasin's perspective on King of Drag, the gateway game to the Racing Kingdom universe:

"King of Drag embodies our ambitious vision to unify all racing games within a singular, expansive universe. We aim to create a game that appeals to casual and mid-core gamers, seamlessly blending their preferences into one cohesive experience. By integrating realistic graphics, captivating sound design, and a narrative of depth, we aim to deliver an unparalleled gameplay experience that sets a new standard for the genre. Players can expect a captivating storyline, turf wars, real locations, deep tuning systems, and a comprehensive garage!"

As for the team's choice of engine, the developer mentioned that Unity has an excellent community, especially in Turkey, which motivated SuperGears to opt for this engine. The author also praised its superior performance on mobile platforms, highlighting its crucial importance for racing games that demand fast and efficient rendering.

"Unity's capabilities allow for high-quality graphics and top-tier production values while maintaining high performance, offering us the flexibility to integrate the engine with our chosen features seamlessly. This adaptability ensures we can fully leverage the engine's power. Additionally, the technical support and close relationships provided by Unity are unparalleled, offering us unique assistance throughout our development process.

URP definitely helps us with performance. We are very pleased with its performance on both Android and iOS devices. URP enhances our performance on Android and iOS devices, allowing us to flawlessly display high-level graphics even on phones even 5-6 years old. Of course, we modified URP according to our goals to make it suitable for all the performances of our game.

Nowadays, devices are equipped with many processors. Since Unity DOTS stands out with its multithreading and memory management, it will become the standard for everyone using Unity in the future. In this context, it will be strategic for beginners to use Unity DOTS technology."

Finally, Yasin shared the team's current roadmap, explaining when the players can expect Racing Kingdom to hit the shelves:

"Our primary goal is to start the open beta of King of Drag, the debut game of the Racing Kingdom universe, right after GDC and launch it with the best metrics within 2024. We invite all racing enthusiasts to join our open beta tests. We also aim to start producing the second game of the Racing Kingdom universe at the end of the year. Don't forget to follow us on our social media accounts for new updates about Racing Kingdom."

Yasin Demirden, Co-Founder and CEO at SuperGears Games

Interview conducted by Arti Sergeev

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