The Heretic: VFX Character Pack Available

Go grab another Unity pack to learn new workflows. 

Unity shared the Morgan pack featuring a VFX-based character created with the help of Visual Effect Graph. You can now play with the VFX Graph and learn how you can get a new look.

Things to do with the pack: 

  • VFX morphing: morph the effects covering Morgan.
  • Shape morphing: morph the underlying skinned mesh between female and male shapes.
  • Appearance tweaks: other elements of Morgan’s visual appearance, including how close the particles stick to the mesh.
  • Fire: adds an extra layer of intensity.
  • Crumble: several ways to make Morgan disintegrate into pieces.
  • Debug: each feature has debug option

Features include a number of customization options providing users with over 300 parameters that can be tweaked in real-time to achieve a wide variety of results.

You can learn more and get the pack here

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