The Wheelbot: a Jumping Reaction Wheel Unicycle Robot

The robot can jump onto its wheels from any initial position using brushless motors.

Take a look at the Wheelbot, a symmetric reaction wheel unicycle that can jump onto its wheels from any initial position. According to the researchers, the Wheelbot provides a challenging platform for nonlinear and data-driven control research.

The Wheelbot is symmetric, with both wheels being able to either act as rolling wheel or reaction wheel. The creators say such a design reduces the number of different 3D printed parts making it easier to build your own robot.

The robot combines brushless motors with compact wheels and is able to reject "considerable disturbances." It carries its own on-board power supply in form of four 3S LiPo batteries that allow it to function for up to 30 minutes. The Wheelbot communicates through an RF dongle with a computer, so it can be operated fully wirelessly.

You can even build your own Wheelbot v2.5 with the files and code provided by the creators. Alternatively, the Wheelbot can be purchased for around 600 € (about $615).

Find out more about the robot here.

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