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This Filmmaking Course Will Help You Master Unreal Engine

DoubleJump Academy and Calvin Romeyn will teach you how to create your own movies.

Dreaming of making movies but don't know how to start? Then DoubleJump Academy's Unreal Engine filmmaking masterclass is what you need.

The course will teach you how to tell your unique stories from start to finish using Epic Games' famous engine: from the script, planning the shoot, mocap, MetaHuman workflows, rendering, and compositing, to virtual cinematography and more. Accomplished artist Calvin Romeyn, who has worked on Godzilla, Avengers: Endgame, and Black Panther, will share the skills he honed while creating his short film Firmware to make sure you will be able to weave your own tales by the end of the masterclass.

Calvin Romeyn

"I love creating and telling stories, and what better way to do that than with complicated technical tools that require constant troubleshooting and a lifetime to master! I love creating films that focus on cutting-edge VFX.

"I started my career at Image Engine in 2013 and eventually moved to ILM where I worked for 5 years as a lead compositor. Now, I run a studio with a few other partners called Niche VFX.

"I always have at least one creative passion project brewing, but in my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, motorcycling, and doing pretty much anything in the water. I live with my wife and two little boys in Maple Ridge, BC."

The course starts on July 9 and will require 10 weeks of your time. Here is a map of the work so you can decide if this is something you'd like to learn:

  • Week 1: Project Concept and R&D – Picking references, collecting and organizing assets, project schema, workflows.
  • Week 2: Custom MetaHuman Blueprint – Costumes, face scan and texture improvements.
  • Week 3: Environment Blocking – Virtual location scouting in a basic environment; creating temp sets for visualizing each location on the mocap stage.
  • Week 4: Planning a Mocap Shoot – Shot list, camera placement, actor blocking, etc.
  • Week 5: Prepping Mocap Data – Ingesting and organizing Mocap and Pcap data for editing; retargeting to skeletons; syncing audio, face, and body data; using MetaHuman Animator to solve facial performance.
  • Week 6: Editing and Blocking – Choosing animation takes, setting up shots, temp cameras; assembly edit using UE’s Sequencer.
  • Week 7: Virtual Camera –  Choosing animation takes, setting up shot; setting up virtual camera rig to IOS device using Live Link; streaming UE environment to IOS screen; recording camera takes, best practices, and manual adjustments; finalizing edit.
  • Week 8: Animation – Using UE’s Control Rig to tweak face and body performance; importing alembics for bespoke animations (cloth, RBD, etc.).
  • Week 9: Shot Design – Shot composition and lighting; set dec, prop scatter, BG crowds; adjusting per sequence and per shot.
  • Week 10: MRQ Rendering and Nuke Compositing – Using Cryptomattes to grade and composite, 2D VFX elements to compliment UE’s effects; final polish, optical artifacts.

The course provides mentoring and support throughout as well as DoubleJump Academy certification. Apply for the Unreal Engine Filmmaking Masterclass here.

Calvin Romeyn

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Calvin Romeyn

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