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This Sci-Fi Cooking Game is Set for Launch on Steam

The developer invites you to flip their eggs.

Image Credit: The Water Museum, Arctic Eggs

There's this indie game, Arctic Eggs, which was initially available on itch.io, and is now set to launch on Steam.

Upon reading the game's introduction, I realized it could be the shortest one I've ever seen, kicking off with 'a sci-fi cooking game.' I already started to frown. It's not every day you hear that combo, right? Here is the complete introduction to the game:

“A Sci-Fi Cooking game where you take up the role of a Poultry Peddler stuck in Antarctica and longing for a way out. Cook your illegal eggs for those who look hungry.”

The trailer shows a magic pan that can hold everything but the kitchen sink. We're talking eggs, bacon, sausages, cigarettes, bottles, angry pufferfish, and even cockroaches. Caliber ammunition can explode when heated, blowing you away.

Image Credit: The Water Museum, Arctic Eggs

Image Credit: The Water Museum, Arctic Eggs

The brains behind this wacky game is called The Water Museum. The developer's bio reads, "Trying to make another game," which triggered my curiosity about their previous projects. Surprisingly or not, another game by this developer has received positive reviews of an impressive 94 points on Steam, despite having only 35 reviews so far. For that game, the developer stated, "All I want you to do is catch fish and search for others who seem hungry. You are only a bird." Pretty good, one minute you're a bird, the next you're a Poultry Peddler. 

Image Credit: The Water Museum, Arctic Eggs

The Water Museum is inviting us to flip their eggs. So, why not add this cool sci-fi cooking game to your Steam wishlist and get ready to cook up some fun in Arctic Eggs?

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