This Setup Lets One Create Gigantic Worlds in UE5 With a Single Press of a Button

The best part is – you can recreate it yourself with just 3 plug-ins.

Over the years, Technical Artist and Developer Dmitry Karpukhin impressed us on more than one occasion with his spectacular experiments with Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Recently though, the creator has truly one-upped himself by presenting a mind-blowing setup that lets the user generate gigantic 16km2 3D worlds in UE5 with a single press of a button.

The best part is – the setup doesn't rely on any custom programs that you can't access and can be recreated by anyone skilled in UE5 to be used for their own projects. According to the artist, the four elephants that hold the system are Unreal Engine 5 itself, Victor Careil's Voxel Plugin, used to generate the landscape, InfinaWorks' Procedural Instance Spawner, which handles the foliage, and Dmitry's own Sky Creator plug-in, utilized for lighting and weather.

The author further mentioned that the setup works both in editor and runtime and can generate even bigger worlds if your PC is powerful enough to handle them. Please note that to achieve the final result, Dmitry leveraged the WIP beta version of Voxel Plugin 2.0, which you can access by purchasing the latest version of the add-on.

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