This Tech Creates High-End Stylized Digital Avatars

Pinscreen CEO Hao Li told about the company's AI-powered technology that creates high-quality stylized digital avatars doing a volumetric capture without the need of having multiple cameras.

In a video published by Amazon Web Services, Pinscreen CEO and founder Hao Li has spoken about the challenges involved in creating AI-driven, virtual human avatars and told about the company's technology that creates high-end stylized digital avatars.

Usually, the process of creating a high-quality digital human takes a long time, is pretty costly, and requires special facilities like capture settings. According to Li, Pinscreen created a technology that does a volumetric capture without the need of having multiple cameras. Instead, it can generate an avatar from a single photo.

While a single camera that you have on your phone or a tablet captures the front side of a person, the backside is generated by the neural network which processes 3D information from a single viewpoint. Hao claims that this tech will allow users to stream a digital avatar from one location to another in real-time. 

He also shared that the company is currently working on creating more realistic avatars. "We're trying to go away from, you know, emojis. We're trying to create something that is more natural to us," Hao said. "But overall, I think, we have a first result. I think it's still far from anything that's perfect but that's where we're at."

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