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This Upcoming AI Tool Lets You Change Lighting in Videos

Beeble's SwitchLight Studio is set to launch later this year.

Beeble, a software development studio behind SwitchLight, a neat solution that combines AI with physically-based rendering to enable its users to relight videos, has announced that its Switchlight Studio toolset is nearing its completion and will be released later in the year.

For those unfamiliar, SwitchLight utilizes a pre-trained framework to generate PBR maps (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Depth, and Specular) and then leverages physically-based rendering to replicate real-life lighting in videos. Furthermore, the system can extract the light information from uploaded HDRIs and copy lighting from reference materials, allowing you to replicate any lighting setup in just a few clicks.

Additionally, the upcoming Switchlight Studio features background removal tools, tools for integrating actors into various environments with realistic lighting, and light map extraction capabilities, as well as built-in Blender and Unreal Engine integration. As a cherry on top, the toolset doesn't require an Internet connection and can run locally on a GPU machine with 8GB+ VRAM. 

"We introduce a co-designed approach for human portrait relighting that combines a physics-guided architecture with a pre-training framework," comments the team on how the system works. "Drawing on the Cook-Torrance reflectance model, we have meticulously configured the architecture design to precisely simulate light-surface interactions. Furthermore, to overcome the limitation of scarce high-quality lightstage data, we have developed a self-supervised pre-training strategy. This novel combination of accurate physical modeling and expanded training dataset establishes a new benchmark in relighting realism."

You can learn more about the company's other products and join the waitlist for SwitchLight Studio by visiting Beeble's official website.

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