Turning a Person Into a Smoke Apparition With EmberGen

Polyfjord has shared a new in-depth tutorial, explaining how to set up a smoke person effect using JangaFX's proprietary software.

Digital Artist and YouTuber Asbjørn "Polyfjord" Lote, in collaboration with JangaFX, has recently shared a new in-depth tutorial explaining how he turned himself into a smoke character using JangaFX's flagship GPU-based tool for creating real-time smoke, fire, and explosion simulations EmberGen.

In this tutorial, the creator provided a comprehensive interview of the entire production pipeline, showing his working process in EmberGen, explaining how the simulation was shaded and lit in Blender, and demonstrating how the motion capture footage was acquired using Wonder Studio, Wonder Dynamics' neat web-based tool that can record movements from real-life footage.

In addition, Polyfjord showed how the mocap was polished in Blender, explained how the environment was set up, and shared tons of insightful tips and tricks on using EmberGen and Blender for realistic-looking simulations. You can check out the full tutorial attached above or by visiting Polyfjord's YouTube channel.

And here are some more of Polyfjord's most recent tutorials:

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