Tutorial: Creating Vegetation for Games

Learn how to set up fantastic greenery with this cool tutorial by Daniel Peres.

Environment Artist who worked on Dakar 18, Gunner Heat PC, VBS4/Blue IG, and Star Citizen Daniel Peres has released a great new tutorial dedicated to creating vegetation in games. In this tutorial, the author explains the fundamentals behind creating vegetation assets for games and shows how to leverage existing industry tools to speed up your workflows, making them faster, optimized, and highly "iteratable". You will also learn how to tackle the process on a technical level, create LODs and billboards, and set up the final asset in the engine. The tools you will need are Photoshop, Blender, SpeedTree, Substance 3D Designer, and Unreal Engine 4.

The tutorial's structure:

  • Intro & Considerations
  • Research & Planning
  • Blockout
  • High poly
  • Texturing
  • Low poly
  • Setup & Rendering
  • ST9 Considerations

You can get the tutorial for €15 here. Also, don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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