Tutorial: Recreating Gameplay Mechanics From Overwatch & Dota in Unity

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Recently we wrote an article about an artist who has managed to recreate the Rainbow Bridge from Marvel Cinematic Universe using Unity and Shader Graph. The name of the artist is David Sanhueza and as it turned out, besides fantastic projects, he's also got great tutorials that all Unity developers and artists might find useful. In the Unity Ability Tutorials series, Sanhueza thoroughly explains how to recreate different gameplay mechanics from various games using Unity.

At the time of writing this, Sanhueza has already shown how to recreate Blink, Rip Tire, and Hook abilities from Overwatch, Toss and Chaos Meteor from Dota 2, Healing Wave, Stampede, and Fan of Knives abilities from Warcraft, and even explained how to set up Captain America's bouncy shield, all in Unity. We highly encourage you to visit the artist's YouTube channel to check out more tutorials and maybe implement some of the mechanics into your own projects.

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