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Tutorial: Sci-Fi Panel Generator in Houdini

SideFX shared a new guide on how to create a Sci-Fi Panel Generator for game engines such as Unity. 

"This will be a high-level tool that artists can use to quickly turn designs created in Adobe Photoshop into 3D panels for use in-game," noted the description. "As a technical artist, you will learn how you can build this kind of tool using Houdini's node-based workflow including a range of specially designed GameDev Tools published by SideFX."

You'll get a Houdini Digital Asset which can be loaded in Unity using the Houdini Engine plugin. Then you can quickly set up levels or source Photoshop designs to create quality game art.

Start by watching the introduction video above with the finished asset and its various controls that work in both Houdini and in Unity. You will learn about the parameters and how you can turn a Photoshop file with multiple layers into a quality game-ready model.

The first part will tell you about the Trace PSD GameDev tool o start modeling the various layers of the panel. "You will learn how to place the parts in relation to each other and will make sure you set up your nodes procedurally so they can handle different PSD files with unique designs."

Then you'll find out how to use more layers in the PSD file to add details such as grooves or to place existing pieces of detailed geometry. 

Finally, you will see how to wrap up the nodes and networks into a Houdini Digital Asset or HDA. 

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