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Tutorial: Turning Basic Sketches Into Mesmerizing Concept Art

Here's how you can utilize the power of Stable Diffusion and Photoshop to create amazing concepts in less than 90 minutes.

If you are a fan of generative art, here's an in-depth tutorial that you should definitely check out. 3D Artist and AI enthusiast Albert Bozesan released a new video that will teach you how to turn basic sketches into beautiful pieces of concept art in less than 90 minutes utilizing Photoshop and the open-source AI Stable Diffusion with Gradio UI.

In this tutorial, Albert shared the entire working process from installing Stable Diffusion to refining the final image using the combination of AI and Photoshop. The artist also demonstrated how to paint the input image, showed how to mix results in Photoshop, and shared some valuable techniques for beginning Generative Artists. You can check out the tutorial attached above or by visiting the author's YouTube page.

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