Tutorial: Using Terrain Tools for Asset Development in Houdini

Learn how you can create realistic brick, rock, and crack textures using the terrain features inside Houdini.

The Rebelway team shared a free guide to creating high-level 3D assets using a procedural way to develop and replicate geometric texturing features like rocks, bricks, cracks, and more.

"As a Houdini artist, you probably already know all about procedural processes, but one thing you may not realize is the potential power of using the terrain tools for things that are much smaller than large-scale environments," wrote the team. The new 4-hour video tutorial covers using the Terrain tool for 3D work showing how you can approach geometric texturing.

Did you enjoy watching the tutorial? You can also check out the team's tutorials page with more tutorials on developing procedural assets inside Houdini.

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  • Anonymous user

    Anything pushing a software and it's tools outside of what it's created for is inspiring, so kudos for that! As a Substance Designer user who went towards Houdini, I will say that all of this, even some of the erosion filter stuff, is done in designer WAY faster and with much better control. I don't agree that worley noise produce a nice looking cliff, there needs to be much more layering and mimicking of chipping and what not. Something that's very cumbersome with heightfield nodes and Houdini.


    Anonymous user

    ·13 days ago·

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