Twitch Streamer Creates a "The Day Before Parody" That Already Looks Better Than the Original

Game Developer Crimson continues working on a fan-made "remake" of the infamous zombie shooter.

Even though The Day Before, the infamous multiplayer survival game developed by Fntastic, is now officially dead, along with the studio that created it, the legacy it and countless misleading trailers released throughout the years left behind lives on, manifesting itself in numerous memes, breakdown videos, and, as it turns out, even parody "remakes" of the game.

Case in point, an incredible "The Day Before" parody being created by Twitch Streamer and Game Developer known online as Crimson with Unreal Engine 5, a solo take on a zombie survival game that already looks much better than its source of inspiration.

While the production process began all the way back in March, the project was put on hiatus until mid-November, when Crimson started to dedicate more time to it. According to the author, the "remake" began when they noticed how each trailer for The Day Before looked different from the others, a detail that sparked the idea to create a gameplay trailer with similar "survival shooter" vibes.

Over the past month, the developer has shared several impressive demos, showing the parody's inventory and shooting systems, combat and movement animations, zombies, gameplay mechanics, and much more:

The release of the actual game on December 7 hasn't halted Crimson's project, instead allowing the developer to use negative reviews on Steam to their advantage and add new features based on the wishes of the community:

In one of the more recent tweets, Crimson emphasized that the project's goal is only to create a parody for a gameplay trailer, not a full-fledged game.

"I have no intention of releasing the build to the public since the UI definitely looks a little too close to home, slightly modified but definitely questionable," the creator commented. "If I move forward with a zombie survival game, I'll 100% start with my own IP, designs, etc. (better designed too), and you'll be the first to know when the project begins and how it develops."

We highly encourage you to follow Crimson on Twitter so as not to miss any new demos and future updates on the project.

Besides The Day Before parody, Crimson is also known for Suit for Hire, a top-down action shooter that blends weapons and martial arts together in a whirlwind of high-octane action and well-executed violence. Suit for Hire is currently available in Steam Early Access, you can learn more and purchase the game here.

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