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Two Zelda Fans Got Jobs at Amazon to Steal Copies of Tears of the Kingdom

Some people go to great lengths to play their favorite game before its release.

While The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom keeps ascending in terms of sales, a curious crime was uncovered in Japan. According to Shūkan Bunshun, there were two separate cases when people got jobs at Amazon just to steal copies of the newest Zelda game and then play it before its release.

One of the culprits is a 21-year-old man who was hired a month before the launch date and stopped coming to work a few days before Tears of the Kingdom was out. When the manager, called Mr. A in the story, called the employee's house, he learned from the man's parents that he was playing Zelda. Later, the worker confessed he wanted to play the game as soon as possible, and that's why he applied for the job. He then returned the game to the company, paid the price, and was dismissed.

The second case follows a 24-year-old delivery worker who was also absent and made Mr. A  suspect Zelda was the case. It was true – the employee admitted he stole a copy as well as some Zelda-related merch, including a dedicated Pro Controller and an Amiibo figurine. It seems that he was reselling the stolen goods. Eventually, he paid the full price for what was left in his possession and got fired.

Shūkan Bunshun contacted Amazon and was told that two staff members had indeed been let go in May, but the reason behind it was not disclosed.

These are just two cases in one warehouse, but there are probably many of them all over the world. While some decide to steal, others patiently wait in huge lines for days.

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