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Unity Digest: VFX for Sci-Fi Games

Check our 5 Unity packs with various sci-fi effects for games. All packs are on sale with 50% off right now, get them before the sale ends!

Get a cool pack from Knife Entertainment to create a portal in the game that players can see and/or walk through, especially if you're looking for an art style close to Valve's Portal series.

Some technical features:

  • Game-ready VFX (open, idle and close states)
  • Seamless camera transition
  • Rigid bodies save their velocities
  • Optimization (frustum culling)

Add high-quality holograms and glitch FX with a pack from Oranged Keys. The pack’s content will perfectly fit in sci-fi games both as environment and gameplay elements. The pack also goes with textures and materials for each example and allows you to adjust the parameters according to your needs.


  • Shader parameters exposed with a custom GUI.
  • 1 geometry model example to showcase materials
  • 10 high-quality FX materials using the Lite version of the shader
  • 7 included high-quality FX materials using the Advanced version of the shader
  • Clean holograms and glitch looks
  • Good performance

Grab a collection of sci-fi shaders from qine. You can edit all shaders in Amplify Shader Editor to adjust them to your game.

The pack goes with 16 prefabs of the following effects:

  • blaster
  • beam
  • shield
  • shield on object
  • rockets
  • hologram
  • topographic scanner
  • motion cloner, and more


Please, note that this pack works with Built-in Render Pipeline,  HDRP/URP is not supported.

Get a pack with sci-fi models and VFX from SineVFX. The pack includes walls and corners for hexagon-shaped rooms, sci-fi props, and machines. You can also adjust the shaders to match your game’s style. The texture size varies from 256px to 2048px.

Tris count of models:

  • Platform: 1900
  • Small Props:500-1500
  • Walls and Corners: 400
  • Machines: 3-10k
  • Portal: 15k

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