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Unlock Mini Adventures with Capsule Toy Prizes in This Indie Game

Just can't resist the surprise of what could come from the capsule:  a little car, a spring-bottomed bunny that hops around playfully, a skateboard ready for stunts, or even mini transformer cars available in a dazzling array of skins.

Capsule-toy vending machines, or Gacha machines, are like an exciting lottery, as you'll never know what you'll get from it — that's the charm!

Now a coming indie game Omochapon has made this kind of fun into a game. Translated as ‘toy pong’ from Japanese, the game invites you to a playground teeming with surprises at every turn.

Imagine playing with a ball that has a touch of Pokémon charm. It bounces around and then — surprise! It opens up to reveal a new toy. It could be a cute little car, a spring-bottomed bunny that hops around playfully, a skateboard ready for stunts, or even a mini transformer car available in a dazzling array of skins. Perhaps you'd get a woodlouse that can curl into a ball and roll around. Wait, wasn't that something I enjoyed doing outdoors during my childhood? My apologies to those I played with.

When you unlock the tiny car, you're off to an exhilarating ride. Steer it around the area, hopping over blocks and collecting coins while hiding from the annoying vacuum cleaner that's out to get you.

The transformer mini car is a thrill-seeker's delight. Watch as it leaps and transforms from a robot into a car:

The woodlouse toy keeps things interesting with its ability to morph. One moment it's roaming around in its natural form, and the next, it curls up into a ball ready to roll.

Full gameplay details are yet to be revealed but from what we can see, it looks like you'll be able to team up with your newfound toys for some fun-filled adventures. 

You can check the game's official page here and follow the developer ShawnTheMiller and the game's official account on Twitter to be updated. 

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