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Use Microphone to Connect with the Supernatural in this Indie Horror

Another spine-chilling journey to take with experienced horror maker Hitori de Productions.

Image Credit: Hitori De Productions, Supernatural

You won't believe what happened before I started writing this article: I opened the Steam page, hit pause on that auto-playing game trailer as soon as the woman in red flew to my face, took a deep breath, and downloaded those intro pictures as quickly as I could. 

Usually, I'd chat about the story and gameplay before showing the key features, but I'm going to do it the other way around. Check its features first:

  • Created by a solo developer.
  • Utilize your microphone to communicate with a supernatural entity.
  • Remember, your microphone is always listening. The louder you are, the scarier events the game will prepare for you.
  • 3 endings, each solely in your hands. Will you manage to unravel the mystery, or not? Or perhaps you'll uncover a secret ending?
  • At the very end, detective Wyatt will draw his weapon to face the ultimate challenge. Will you show calm and composure to avoid death?
  • Non-repetitive logical puzzles, will you be able to demonstrate your detective intelligence?
  • Use cameras to locate paranormal events that will aid you in unraveling the mystery.

See, this game provides a unique horror experience with your microphone amplifying the eerie atmosphere. “The louder you are, the scarier events the game will prepare for you.” You might not want to play this game at midnight to be warned by awakened neighbors. 

Image Credit: Hitori De Productions, Supernatural

Now, introducing Supernatural, an indie horror by solo game developer Hitori de Productions, who published Supernormal earlier this year.

In this game, you step into the shoes of Detective Wyatt to tackle a haunting mystery surrounding the disappearance of a housemaid named Mrs. Susan. As you journey through a spooky house, every shadow is home to a hidden terror, elevating your fear. 

Image Credit: Hitori De Productions, Supernatural

Your mission starts when a distressed man contacts you about his missing housemaid, who was looking after his house and pregnant fiancée. Driven by the need to find the truth, you plunge into the eerie darkness, where each step you take uncovers more chilling secrets than you ever anticipated.

In around 2 hours of gameplay, this supernatural journey offers unforeseen twists and turns, logical puzzles, and a nerve-racking narrative, ensuring a different conclusion with every playthrough.

Image Credit: Hitori De Productions, Supernatural

The game is set to be launched this July, in roughly 2 months, wishlist it now on Steam if you would like to connect with the Supernaturals and follow the developer on Twitter.

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