Water Caustics Effect for URP in Unity

Check out an awesome effect developed by Masataka Hakozaki.

Here's an asset by Masataka Hakozaki that adds caustics for realistic underwater scenes in Unity. The effect, created for URP, generates rich, realistic water caustics animated textures at runtime. "If using only this generator, any rendering pipeline can be used," noted the author. "However it is designed to be used in linear color space. If used in gamma color space, raise the value to a power of 1/2.2.


  • Supports only URP (Universal Render Pipeline).
  • Apply caustics effects by specifying an area and a layer.
  • Most opaque materials can get the effect without any modification.
  • The vertex deformation shader and the alpha blending shader can get the effect by embedding custom functions into the shader.
  • Supports up to 9 Directional, Spot, and Point Lights. (Complies with URP specifications)
  • Screen space shadows, added in URP 11.0 are supported.
  • VR devices are supported.

You can learn more and get the pack for $45 here. The author also shared a number of awesome experiments with fishes on Twitter. Check out some of them below.

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