Wear VR secured $1.5 million to improve its VR-store
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I love it !

by chaitanya krishnan
9 hours ago

Wow this is really extensive! Thanks for sharing, I just started with tiltbrush and Masterpiece Vr using a mixed reality kit

after reading this incredible article, im still left with the question..."but, HOW?!"

Wear VR secured $1.5 million to improve its VR-store
8 April, 2015

A new virtual reality startup Wear VR received $1.5 million of investment to expand its offering. This little app store specializes in distribution of virtual-reality games. Developers are going to use the investment to add new features to the store. One of the innovations is a separate app, that allows users to find new VR software on mobile phones.

Investors believe that virtual reality has a huge financial potential. Digi-Capital predicts that this virtual technology and software market could reach $150 billion by 2020. Right now Wear VR has 900 virtual reality apps. These product were already downloaded over 200,000 times. This is some very interesting statistics, especially taking into consideration that there’s still no virtual reality devices directly available to consumers. However there’s still no killer app that would encourage you to buy Oculus or some other VR-headset.

Wear VR makes a bet on 360-degree videos as well, not just software. It’s content will be available for any VR-platforms out there. The developers also show no intention of selling their company to big VR-leaders. like Oculus or Sony.

Source: venturebeat.com



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