You Can Play Palworld in VR with This Mod

It's lovely.

Palworld is the latest big hit that everyone seems to be playing; the game has sold over 4 million copies since Friday, and it keeps attracting more people. If catching new definitely-not-Pokémon on the screen is too tame for you, try doing so in VR.

Yes, apparently, you can play the game wearing a headset using the popular Unreal Engine VR mod from a renowned creator praydog, which supposedly makes 90% of titles made in the engine support VR

praydog's most popular project is probably the Resident Evil 7 VR mod along with other similar creations for the series. They have also previewed a mod for Hogwarts Legacy.

Image credit: Pocketpair, LunchAndVR

But let's go back to Palworld. The game looks great in VR as well as out of it. It seems pretty easy to control, although there are some issues. Ranged weapons work with 6DOF, but melee weapons lack animations, according to LunchAndVR, who demonstrated the mod in action.

So take your Quest and enjoy Palworld to the fullest! Especially while its success is still at its peak. Just don't be surprised if you're missing some features on Xbox: the Game Pass version of the game is older than the Steam one but it supports developer cheats, so you can experiment here as well.

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