YouTuber Demonstrated a PlayStation 5 Development Kit

Macho Nacho Productions shared a closer look at PS5 devkit's features.

Several days ago, YouTuber Tito Perez, the creator of Macho Nacho Productions YT channel, revealed a comprehensive overview of the PlayStation 5 development kit, an early prototype of the console that has never been publically seen in all its glory before. In a video overview attached above, the YouTuber provided an in-depth look at the devkit, showcasing its features, revealing some of its secrets, and showing how it is different from the finished console.

According to Tito's overview, the console looks and feels extremely similar to the market-available version of PS5, having a similar design and a unique UI that looks like the standard one but with developer-related details. On top of that, the kit features several USB slots and lights on the front panel, as well as buttons to power the machine up. Moreover, the devkit boasts an incredible 2.2 TB of storage, compared to PS5's 825 GB, and features an SSD port at the bottom of it.

In the future, the author plans to release more breakdowns of the devkit and provide an even more comprehensive breakdown of the prototype's hardware.

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