Founded in 2007 ADIA DIGITAL ART began as a game art service company focused on innovating upon the dated A+B project business model that many art suppliers based their survivability around. It was a good year for games, and content developers were searching for more than just a skilled art team but wanted wholesome solutions to problems that required scale, solid project management, and continued business stability that preserved invaluable mindshare.

Simultaneously, our CGI division has developed processes surpassing most motion graphics teams in Asia. In 2012 ADIA PICTURES was born, recognized today as one of the best animation and FX houses on this side of the planet, embolstered by talent attracted from worldwide.

The two entities are gathered under the ADIA ENTERTAINMENT mantel with the unique business model of shared resources, creating a platform for innovation in service quality and creative technology.


  • In-house renderfarm.
  • End-to-end solution for feature/TV animation, game trailers, commercials, and film/broadcasting VFX.
  • World-class CGI visual production pipeline.
  • 3D Characters 3D Props & Environments
  • Levels (Unity, U3, & Cry3)
  • Rigging & Animation
  • 2D Game Assets
  • Concept Art
  • Casual Game Assets
  • Motion-capture clean-up

Adia EntertainmentRecent articles

Adia Entertainment: A CGI Powerhouse

Adia Entertainment: A CGI Powerhouse

We met Matthew Dai, Director of Sales at Adia Entertainment, at GDC 2014 previously. We caught up with him again at GDC 2015 to see what has changed with Adia Entertainment and what they are currently working on.

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