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Adobe Photoshop is the market-leading image editing application made by Adobe Systems of San Jose, CA. Although originally designed for editing images for print, Photoshop is used today for a wide range of other amateur and professional purposes.

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The power of depth and dimension
Using shadows, reflections, lights, and a host of intuitive controls in Photoshop Extended, you can create anything from surreal 3D artwork to realistic 3D scenes.

Photohop blur © Adobe, 2015

The power to supercharge your workflows
Bring your vision to life faster with the Mercury Graphics Engine and other productivity-boosting features that help Photoshop keep pace with your ideas.

Photoshop painting © Adobe, 2015

The power to astonish
Transform your images in Photoshop with such ease, control, and speed—and with such amazing results—it feels like magic.

An old photograph © Adobe, 2015

The power of hidden gems
Discover the hidden gems in Photoshop—practical, timesaving ways to express your ideas, create your art, and surpass your best work.

Fruit London © Adobe, 2015

The power to whet your appetite

Use flexible layers and precise selection and masking tools to create images that evoke feelings, set styles, and make your visions real.

Editing in Photoshop © Adobe, 2015

The power to illustrate
With a rich set of pens, brushes, and color and painting tools, Photoshop helps you take the audience out of their lives and into your world.

An image from the Monsters project © Adobe, 2015

The power to put ideas in motion
Ensure that every image frame works hard—and your films, videos, animations and effects work magic—by using Photoshop to edit, paint, clone, and add text.

Photoshop cosmos © Adobe, 2015

The power to see the world
Whether you need to extract information from images or use them to communicate findings, powerful Photoshop tools help you process, correct, and measure—and visualize your data.

A collage in Photoshop © Adobe, 2015

The power to bring people together
A worldwide phenomenon with millions of Facebook fans, Photoshop helps people convey information, share experiences, and create delight in infinitely beautiful and interesting ways.

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