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by Taylor
10 hours ago

bad management, its your job for stuff like that not to happen, dont put that extra weight on artist because management didn't do your job

by Robert Gardner
11 hours ago

It really is the best game of 2018, Thank you.

"We're saddened if any former members of any studio did not find their time here enjoyable or creatively fulfilling and wish them well with finding an environment more suitable to their temperaments and needs…" Or : We're saddened if any former members of our studio are not happy to have been exploited to enrich us. Awesome !!!! Ok, guys… you have lost one customer !

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AgeCheq is the mobile industry's only complete "COPPA compliance ecosystem," designed to team regulators, parents and responsible game and app developers together to regain control of children's online privacy.


AgeCheq leads the industry with innovative technology solutions covering the intersection of privacy and mobile devices.  Since most of today’s privacy issues are the result of technology, it’s only logical that technology can be created and deployed to solve those problems.

How we help make COPPA work for parents, publishers and children

As written, COPPA requires game publishers to build and maintain a complex relationship with parents of children who use their games.  Privacy notices and permissions must be sent and received before a child can begin playing.  Parents must be positively identified before they can approve apps, and by law, they must be able to easily revoke their permission.

For a game publisher, the effort and cost of building their own compliance system would be very high, which is why few apps and games are COPPA compliant today.

For parents, a world where every game publisher had their own unique identification method and dashboard would be extremely confusing.

What both parents and publishers need is a single-sign-on central clearinghouse service that manages all required notices and permissions and streamlines interaction with easy-to-use dashboards and mobile apps.

That’s exactly what AgeCheq’s cloud compliance service provides.

We also market other digital privacy products for consumers, mobile banking, connected cars, smartphones and intelligent device manufacturers (IOT).


Key Features

  • Ultra High Performance

AgeCheq’s servers can handle 1 billion app starts per day, enough to handle all of today’s top 200 mobile games

  • Dashboards

Intuitive web dashboards let Parents, App Publishers and App Service Providers easily fulfill their required compliance tasks.

  • Understandable Privacy Notices

AgeCheq’s standardized privacy notice lets parents can easily understand and approve apps for their children.

  • All Mobile Platforms Supported

The AgeCheq Cloud fully supports iOS, Android, Amazon mobile platfoms as well as web sites and apps.

  • True COPPA Compliance

Delivers all required notifications (new app request, parental revocation, deletion requests, PII updates)

  • Multiple Verification Methods

Parents can verify identity as required by COPPA by choosing from a variety of FTC approved methods.

Still have questions?
In an exclusive interview former HTML5 Game Developer Evangelist and current Director of Game Developer Relations at AgeCheq Tyler Smith told about a reliable way to make your games compatible with COPPA requirements.

16 February, 2015


13 February, 2015


13 February, 2015