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7, Mar — 1, Jun
Raleigh US   16, Apr — 19, Apr
SEATTLE US   19, Apr — 22, Apr
Kharkiv UA   20, Apr — 21, Apr
Los Angeles US   23, Apr — 25, Apr
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by Olaf Finkbeiner
5 min ago

want to meet me i will be there...

Thanks! What is your CPU and amount of RAM? I'm thinking of getting an Intel Core i7-8750H and 16GB of Ram.

by sanek94cool
3 hours ago

What Bikmambetov is going to do there? He can only share how to make stupid movies :)

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HTML5 & native games


GDevelop flexible architecture allows you to choose if you want to create an HTML5 game that can be played on the web and exported to Android, or a native game for your operating system. Or activate both platforms and export your game everywhere!


GDevelop features are provided thanks to extensions, allowing you to embed into your game just what you need. Here is a short list of what you get when using GD!

Tons of objects ready to be used

GDevelop interface © GDevelop, 2015

  • Sprites with multiple animations
  • “9 patch” and tiled sprites
  • Text objects
  • 3D boxes for native games
  • Draw your own shape on screen with the Shape Painter
  • Particle engine for native games


  • Make RPG-like maps with the Tiled map objects for native games
  • Dynamic lights and shadows for native games
  • Support for custom collision masks

Quickly add behaviors to your objects

Events tools © GDevelop, 2015

  • Physics engine – Add a realistic behavior to your objects
  • Pathfinding to move objects avoiding obstacles
  • Top-down movement
  • Platformer engine – create platformer games in a breeze
  • Draggable objects – quickly make your objects draggable with mouse/touch
  • And more, to automate current tasks and behaviors in a few clicks!

Design advanced levels and interfaces

Bloody Zombies © donut_prod, 2015

  • The scene editor let you visually edit your levels
  • Multiple layers support – Add interfaces and create parallax effects
  • Create dynamically your levels with external layouts
  • Integrated debugger and performance profilers for native games

Make desktop & mobile ready games

Mathe Pferd © GDevelop, 2015

  • Save player data with HTML5 & native storage
  • Full support for sounds effects and musics
  • Joystick and full keyboard support for native games
  • Touchscreens support with multitouch for HTML5 games

Build ambitious games with advanced features

  • Communicate with external websites using HTTP requests
    Use advanced events: loops, foreach and even functions
    Manipulate variables with arbitrary complex structures and even JSON support
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