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Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

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Geomerics delivers cutting-edge graphics technology to customers in the games and entertainment industries. Geomerics’ Enlighten technology is behind the lighting in best-selling titles including Battlefield 3, Need for Speed: The Run, Eve Online and Quantum Conundrum. Enlighten has been licensed by many of the top developers in the industry, including EA DICE, EA Bioware, THQ, Take 2 and Square Enix.

Geomerics has developed a reputation for the excellence of both its technology and its support. We work in partnership with many of the leading companies in the games industry and our global customer base includes America, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan and Korea.

In December 2013, Geomerics was acquired by ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP supplier. The acquisition enables Geomerics to build more strongly on its existing partnerships as well as accelerate its development in mobile.


Introducing Enlighten

enlighten-quality-image (1)

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is the industry’s most advanced dynamic lighting technology. It is the only product proven to deliver real-time global illumination across all gaming platforms. Enlighten has helped defi­ne the look of some of the most iconic titles in gaming and has established itself as the gold standard within the industry.


The primary goal of Enlighten is to enable the best computer graphics experiences. It does this through two routes: rapid iteration and advanced runtime technology.


Enlighten is available as a stand-alone SDK or pre-integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4. Enlighten is the global illumination solution in Unity 5.

The Most Advanced Dynamic Lighting Technology

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare © PopCap Games, 2015

Enlighten technology supports fully dynamic lighting, baked static light maps or any combination of the two. These mixed lighting con­figurations are uniquely enabled by Enlighten and enable developers to choose from a spectrum of possibilities.

Standard outputs

Enlighten’s runtime technology is designed to interact smoothly with the developer’s graphics pipeline. The Enlighten solver dynamically computes directional light maps, spherical harmonic probes and cube map reflection captures. These are combined with state-of-the-art relighting models during shading to light the world to high quality.

Revolutionize gameplay

Enlighten gives game designers the ability to dynamically update a material’s properties. This brings opportunities for gameplay changes in level geometry, such as destruction, all while maintaining consistent and high quality lighting.

New technology for Enlighten 3

The latest version of Enlighten, available for evaluation now, includes the following enhancements:

  • Advanced indirect relighting models to significantly improve indirect lighting for geometry with large normal deviations
  • Colour-separated directional output to enable individual RGB calculations for improved quality
  • New SH probe solver with lower memory overhead and higher performance
  • Richer material properties with better support for transparency, area lights and occluders
  • Improved surface albedo functionality with higher performance
  • New platform support including 64-bit iOS, 64-bit Android, Android x86 and WinRT
  • Improved light map baking with support for higher quality output

Forge Lighting Editor and Pipeline Tool

Forge Lighting Editor and Pipeline Tool © Geomerics, 2015

What is Forge?

Forge is a lighting editor and pipeline tool that puts the power of Enlighten into the hands of your artists. This intuitive and professional tool provides artists with real-time feedback on changes they make to a level and revolutionises the lighting work‑flow. Thanks to its modular and customizable nature, Forge enables faster integration of Enlighten into your engine.


The Enlighten design philosophy is to provide artists with a range of real-time controls. These allow artists to create practically any desired look from hyperreal to cartoon-style. The real-time feedback ensures artists can iterate rapidly towards their vision and has a dramatic effect on the fi­nal visual quality.

Painting with light

New ways of working with light and colour, including the ability to make any surface into a glowing area light, dramatically expand the toolbox that artists can work with. Whatever changes they make, the runtime cost is ­fixed and affordable.

Tools integrations

Forge ships with plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, enabling a fast and intuitive preview of the capabilities of Enlighten. Lighting conditions and textured can be experimented on and finalised before exporting to the game engine.

Cross-Platform Technology

Cross-Platform Technology © Geomerics, 2015

Lightweight and optimised

The Enlighten runtime is lightweight and has been heavily optimized for all gaming platforms. The runtime is fully multi-threaded and hand optimised to extract maximum performance from the hardware. Enlighten has separate lighting paths for static and dynamic objects, and is easily integrated into your game engine.


Enlighten’s technologies are scalable in memory usage, performance requirements and degrees of dynamism. Enlighten is routinely employed on the most demanding assets and the largest worlds seen in high-end game development. The same authoring path can be used for next generation consoles and mobile platforms, guaranteeing a consistent look that scales naturally across devices.

Supported platforms

Xbox One™ • Xbox 360® • PC Games for Windows® • Linux • Mac OS X • PlayStation®4 • PlayStation®3 • PlayStation®Vita • Wii U™ • Android™ • Android x86 • 64-bit Android • iOS • 64-bit iOS • Windows RT

Working with the best in the business

© Geomerics, 2015

Companies, that are partners of Geomerics © Geomerics, 2015

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Enlighten, Unity and Polycount are running a great contest, which is aimed at the production of very cool lighting techniques.

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The new version of the lighting solution from Geomerics will light your virtual world like never before.

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Street Fighter V is out featuring some awesome tech from Geomerics.

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