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Looks cool,what's the method for rendering animated substance?(Flipbook?)

The plugin is called Hair Grabber and you can find it here: It basically has parameters for manipulating cards in a spline manner

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Supports many formats, including .ico, .gif, .avi, .cur, .ani. Preview your animations in real time while editing sprites - No need to stop working to watch your animation! Use multiple layers to make drawing and editing your art easier! Onion skinning allows you to see both previous and next frames while your draw!

GraphicsGale tools © GraphicsGale, 2015

Output your animation frames onto a single sprite sheet, output each frame to its own image file, or export the entire animation as a single .gif file. GraphicsGale’s export options are flexible enough to be compatible with any workflow.

Create work from scratch, or use GraphicsGale’s TWAIN imaging support to import images from your scanner, camera, or other TWAIN-supported devices.
GraphicsGale also has many pixel-art specific features to help you create your work quickly and easily, including palette control, selectively erasing colors, and tools for quickly replacing and trying new colors. Download our demo here, and get creating!

An icon created in GraphicsGale © GraphicsGale, 2015

You can edit a Windows(R) icon file. Besides supports alpha channel.

GraphicsGale cursor © GraphicsGale, 2015

You can edit a Windows(R) cursor file. (*.cur, *.ani)

GraphicsGale sprite model © GraphicsGale, 2015

Provides Onion Skin that the back and forward frames are seen through on a current frame.

GraphicsGale objects © GraphicsGale, 2015

GaleBrowser helps you to see and manage many images on your disk. Animated files are displayed in motion.

Working on models in GraphicsGale © GraphicsGale, 2015

Multiple frames can be printed on one page.

GraphicsGale toolbar © GraphicsGale, 2015

You may convert a file format or an image format of many files quickly by Batch conversion.

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