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Amazing art. I'm curious how the rocks manage to be such a natural part of the terrain! It really looks like they have been there for ages.

Great job and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Frankly I do not understand why we talk about the past of this CEO. As a player I do not care about what he did or not until his games are good. As an Environmental Artist instead I see a game with a shaky graphics. It is completely without personality, emotion and involvement. It can hardly be considered acceptable especially for the 2019 platforms (which I understand will be the target of this game). Well, this is probably an indie group, with no experience facing a first game in the real market. And that's fine. Do the best you can that even if you fail, you will learn and do better. From a technical point of view the method you are using is very old. It can work but not as you are doing it. I bet you're using Unity, it's easy to see that since I see assets from their asset store. Break your landscapes more, they are too monotonous and contact real 3D artists and level designers. One last thing, the last screenshot is worse than all the previous ones. The lights are wrong and everything screams disaster. Avoid similar disasters in the future.

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Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch – with full source.

A free AAA game engine deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch – with full source.



Lumberyard is free and includes full source. There are no seat fees, subscription fees, or requirements to share revenue. Only pay for the AWS services you choose to use.


Engage and grow your community inside and outside of your game, and build games as fun to watch as they are to play, with Lumberyard’s Twitch integration.

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Amazon has recently revealed a new version of its real-time engine called Lumberyard.

17 May, 2018

3DArtist has published an amazing interview with the lead artist of Elite3D, Bjorn Seinstra.

9 May, 2018

Check out the newest video from Squadron 42, where they discuss the way Lumberyard can help build amazing space.

26 January, 2018

Check out the video of the pre-alpha WIP gameplay with comments from Chris Roberts.

2 January, 2018

Amazon Game Studios has presented Lumberyard 1.12, a brand new version of its game engine, and a video that goes over the engine's biggest milestones in 2017.

15 December, 2017

Amazon introduced some new visual scripting and animation tools in recent Lumberyard update.

2 October, 2017