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Opaque Multimedia is a Melbourne-based technology and design company that specialises in combining and extending existing technologies and design techniques to solve problems in a range of domains. Our combination of industry experience, technical sophistication and research training naturally aligns Opaque Multimedia for innovative, cutting-edge projects that defy existing solutions.

Kinect 4 Unreal


Kinect 4 Unreal plugin promo image © Opaque Multimedia, 2015

The blueprint library created in the Kinect 4 Unreal plugin provides some additional functionality not strongly associated with any particular feature of the API. They were created to clean up cluttered Blueprint node chains and to expose functionality previously used within certain plugin components.

  • Convert Coordinates
  • Get Avateering Conversion Rotator
  • [DEPRECATED] Get Kinect Player Controller

Convert Coordinates
A utility function for the conversion of Vectors between the Kinect and the Unreal engine coordinate systems. Note: By default all values retrieved through Kinect 4 Unreal functions are automatically converted to the Unreal engine coordinate system.


Kinect 4 Unreal interface © Opaque Multimedia, 2015


  • Input Coordinate System [ECoordinateConvention]: The coordinate system that the input value is currently in.
  • Input Value [Vector]: The value to be converted.
  • Output Coordinate System [ECoordinateConvention]: The coordinate system that the output Vector will be in.


  • Return Value [Vector]: The value of the input vector as represented in the output coordinate system.

Get Avateering Conversion Rotator
This function supplies a rotator to be used for building a specific avateering solution. The output is a rotator that, when combined with the output of Get Joint Orientation or Get Smoothed Joint Orientation for the same joint type. This allows for the correct manipulation through skeletal controls or a poseable mesh, the standard UE4 skeleton provided in the Engine assets.


Earthlight project created with Kinect 4 Unreal plugin © Opaque Multimedia, 2015


  • Joint Type [EKinectJoints]: The target joint used to retrieve the conversion rotator.

The Forest Project created with Kinect 4 Unreal plugin © Opaque Multimedia, 2015


  • Return Value [Rotator]: The joint rotator for the input joint type for use in conversion for avateering.

[DEPRECATED] Get Kinect Player Controller


This function is deprecated in preparation for removal in future releases. Use should be replaced with an actor using a Kinect Interface Component

This utility function allows for direct retrieval of the current Kinect Player Controller spawned in the level. This function removes the need to retrieve and then cast the controller before using it in a Blueprint.

Universe Engine


© Opaque Multimedia, 2015

The Universe Engine ties together a number of industry leading compoents to make the most sophisticates browser-based game engine in existence. Featuring deferred rendering, true PBR, positional audio, fast physics and easy web UI, the Universe Engine is the next generation of web game engines.

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The Anise Gallery will be hosting AVR London's Virtualrealism, which will highlight Unreal Engine 4's VR capabilities. Additionally, the themes along with six teams have been announced as finalists for the Big Data VR Challenge.

21 May, 2015