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Love your stuff! thanks for the info. You achieve surprising graphics using Unity which is great news.

is that images related to coc generals 2? zero hour ?

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Stencyl is a platform designed for aspiring game creators, from indie developers to artists and musicians who have always dreamed of making their own games. It is the easiest way to make iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash, Windows, Mac and Linux games without code.

Design Once, Play Anywhere

Stencyl promo and tools © Stencyl, 2015

Publish iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash, Windows & Mac games without code

Game Studio in a Box

Stencyl isn’t your average game creation software; it’s a gorgeous, intuitive toolset that accelerates your workflow and then gets out of the way. We take care of the essentials, so you can focus on what’s important – making your game yours.

Mobile games created in Stencyl © Stencyl, 2015

Publish Everywhere
With extensive platform support, you can rest assured that all players will have access to your game. Today, Stencyl supports:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android
  • Flash
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Make #1 Games

Stencyl games have reached top slots in the App Store, including Impossible Pixel (#2 in US), BLiP (#1 in 18 countries) and Zuki’s Quest (#10 in US). Our best web games have been sponsored by top-tier sites such as ArmorGames, Kongregate and Newgrounds.

No Coding Required

Stencyl interface © Stencyl, 2015

The Best Drag & Drop Interface
Our drag-and-drop gameplay designer pays homage to the successful MIT Scratch project. We extend Scratch’s simple block-snapping interface with new functionality and hundreds of ready-to-use blocks.

Write Code if you want
Power users can create and share their own blocks, extend the engine through code, import libraries and write their own custom classes that interact seamlessly with block-based Behaviors.

Create a Masterpiece

Creating videogame assets © Stencyl, 2015

Build Worlds
If you’re used to graphics editors like Photoshop, you’ll feel right at home in the Scene Designer. Familiar features, such as a selection tool, zooming, grid-snapping and flood fill, will help you quickly craft complex worlds out of Actors, Tiles and Terrain.

Creating actors in Stencyl © Stencyl, 2015

Create Actors
Drop in graphics from your computer to create Actors on the fly. Then use Stencyl’s Actor Editor to tweak your Actors’ appearances, behaviors and physical properties, and to get them ready for showtime.

Asset gallery © Stencyl, 2015

Browse Game Assets
When it comes to game development, most of us aren’t Jacks of all trades. But thanks to StencylForge, our integrated marketplace, we don’t have to be. Choose from a curated selection of resources to get your game up and running quickly and avoid reinventing the wheel. If you feel like giving back, help spread the fun by sharing your own creations, too.

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14 September, 2015