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Founded in 1996, Foundry are creators of pioneering software for the creative industries. They are headquartered in London, with over 300 employees and a presence in the US, China, Japan, Australia and Europe


We have been developing creative software for the Digital Design, Media and Entertainment industries for over 20 years. Our products are used to create breathtaking visual effects sequences on a wide range of feature films, video-on-demand, television and commercials.

Our clients and partners include major feature film studios and post-production houses such as Pixar, ILM, MPC, Walt Disney Animation, Weta Digital, DNEG, and Framestore as well as automotive, footwear, apparel and technology companies such as Mercedes, New Balance, Adidas and Google.

We partner with these companies to solve complex visualization challenges to turn incredible ideas into reality. This is why our software has been integral in the making of every VFX Oscar-winning film, award-winning TV shows and commercials for more than a decade.

Our Products are Nuke, Hiero, Mari, Katana, Flix, Athera, Modo, Colorway.

FoundryRecent articles

Oblivion's Imperial City Reimagined With Next-Gen Graphics

Emil Rasmussen demonstrated a more realistic and cinematic take on Cyrodiil's capital made using 3ds Max, Nuke, World Creator, and V-Ray.

3D Modeling and Texturing Behind an Atmospheric NPR Animation

Rain Rouhani, a 2D/3D Character Artist, told us more about the stylized Sound of Hope animation, discussing the modeling workflow in Maya and detailing the texturing pipeline in Substance 3D Painter.

Serene Outdoor Environment Set Up in Houdini

The artwork was inspired by Disney and Unit Image's "The Little Duck" commercial.

This Upcoming Add-On Integrates Blender's Cycles Into Modo

The add-on is being developed by Marc "TheGarf" Meijer and is currently in pre-alpha.

Back To The Future-Inspired Short Film Made in Houdini

The project was made by Arvid Schneider and Carsten Baars.

Foundry Launched Modo 16.1

It brings a new decal workflow, updates to the Advanced Viewport, and the first iteration on new uber tools.

Foundry Is Bringing Modo to Broader Audience

The company shared the changes awaiting the software.

Creating a Dreamy Cottage with Maya, Substance 3D Painter & Houdini

Ethan Clark, a recent graduate of the Gnomon School of VFX, shares some of his workflow and secrets for creating a stylized atmosphere for his latest project, the dreamy Palia House.

Foundry Announces Annual Subscription for Nuke Products

New perpetual licenses for the products will be available until December 31, 2023.

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