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AI applications are only beginning to materialize. It's so exciting what neural networks will do to art workflows in the coming years.

W T F!!! Why, really don't understand, EA = just a fucking looser company!

Amazing... Congratulations for the new way to show information.. I hope they could use this to teaching.

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Unfold3D is intuitive, fast, scalable and give best UVs with mimimun efforts. Most of biggest studios, and clever freelancers, are currently using Unfold3D to work faster, and always better.

Whats new inside UNFOLD3D Generation 8

  • New 64bit Unfolding core, that can unwrap very big meshes (up to a million triangles).
  • Major improvment for “dirty Meshes” when importing OBJ. Now solve complex topology errors and write them into the OBJ files at export.
  • Multi UV grid Pack. Each island are packed into the underlying square
  • Multi UV grid Select. In island selection mode, a click into to square label selects all islands inside the square
  • Multi UV grid Best Fit and Squarify. In island selection mode, the selected islands are best fitted / squared into the underlying square
  • Select Borders : will select each edges of the frontiers of selected islands
  • Select Similar Islands : will select other islands having the same topology
  • Align points : will align the selected points (no constraints)
  • Parallelize/Verticalize/Horitalize edges : On the selected edges (no constraints).
  • Island Green Display : The green color now designates the islands that will be unfolded in the next click on “Unfold” button.
  • Edges selection realy faster (up to 20 times faster…)
  • The orientation of island in 3D are kept into UV when Packing (see the packing options dialog)
  • A lot of work into the OSX version.
  • Many bugs correction.

Unfold3D plugin is now included in standard into Maya 2015. The plug in contains the two main features of the standalone : Unfold and Optimize.

Read out interview with the developers of UNFOLD3D.

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New UI and One-Click Processing Added to Popular UV Mapping Software

21 May, 2018

Alireza Khajehali talked about the way WorldMachine and Megascans help him to build huge realistic looking digital worlds.

25 November, 2016

Alexander Lang talks about complex architecture creation with 3ds Max, Vray and Substance designer.

23 March, 2016


26 January, 2015