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Wysilab is a software editor specializing in ultra-fast 3D generation tools designed for professional artists working in the digital industry: video games, CGI and VFX.

Because the digital industry requires fast time-to-market processes with accelerated ambitions in gameplay and design, artists have less time to maximize their creativity.

Wysilab offers a new generation of tools based on innovative 3D graphic technologies. Wysilab opens a new era of user experience that combines a fast design time while maximizing artistic creativity

WysilabRecent articles

Instant Terra 2.1 Launched

Check out the latest version of the terrain generation toolkit.

Instant Terra Will Let Users Animate Terrains

Wysilab shared a preview of the next version of Instant Terra.

Instant Terra v1.15 Released

The new release brings more customization tools for terrain generation.

Instant Terra v1.14 Available

The latest version brings a number of new features.

Instant Terra 1.13 Available

The update brings a bunch of great new goodies.

Wysilab Receives An Epic MegaGrant

Congrats to the latest recipients of Epic MegaGrant. 

Video Guide to Creating a Terrain in Clarisse

Learn a bunch of new tricks with this tutorial from Wysilab. 

Tutorial: Painting Mountains With Instant Terra

Watch a new video guide and play with the team's new sample.

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