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Fuck off, Ad. It cost $$$$$$$

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Laura, thank you for taking the time to model the warehouse boxes. I appreciate the enginuity. This could be used for games but as well as that, for businessmen to help showcase floorplans and build site images to their co-workers and employees. I highly respect this level of design. Best Paul.

Haha.I can understand English. I am just not good at speaking. It has been a long time I don't speak English, but I can read. Anyway, thanks for sharing my artwork. Thank you for loving it.

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Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer devices and professional applications such as 3D character animation, motion analysis, and industrial control & stabilization.

Xsens MVN


The Xsens MVN portfolio consists of full-body, wearable motion capture (Mocap) solutions. The new Xsens MVN is unmatched in ease-of-use, has robust and reliable hardware and produces production-ready data. Xsens MVN is the ideal tool for professional animators.

The new Xsens MVN highlights


  •  Production-ready mocap data
  •  Ultra-small and robust tracker
  •  Enables height tracking
  •  On-body zippers for easy setup
  •  High update rate
  •  Complete product line
  •  Long battery life
  •  Portable system
  •  Ready-made 3D software pipelines
  •  Multi-person motion capture

Design highlights


Ultra-small trackers

The ultra small trackers allow for rolls and stunts. The trackers are designed to withstand high impact.

Sportive design


Sportive looking motion capture suit with accompanying shorts.

On-body zippers


The zippers give easy access to all trackers for a very fast setup.


The Xsens MVN product line has two hardware versions (MVN Link and MVN Awinda) with their own characteristics. The difference between the two versions is shown in this overview:



MVN StudioMVN Studio is the software for motion capturing with Xsens MVN. MVN Studio features:

  • Easy and quick calibration
  • Real-time visualization
  • Playback and editing of motion capture data
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ready-made pipelines for Autodesk MotionBuilder®, 3ds Max®, Maya® Houdini, Cinema 4D and various others
  • Plug-ins for seamless real-time integration with, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya and Unity3D
  • Network Streamer compatible with UDK and CryEngine

Licenses for MVN Studio are available as yearly subscription or lifetime.

The software is available in two versions: MVN Studio and MVN Studio Pro.






The MVN BIOMECH systems are the number one choice for measuring 3D kinematics everywhere, under any circumstance.Xsens tailored both hardware and software of the MVN BIOMECH systems to ensure reliable and accurate human motion measurements. Special developed and tiny motion trackers are able to capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic movements on-body. Dedicated signal pipelines take care of real-time and robust data connections.The proven MVN BIOMECH biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis, even in challenging environments.



Robust and reliable

  • Superior algorithms ensure measurements in any condition, including magnetic disturbances
  • <10µs inter-tracker time synchronization essential for accurate joint angles
  • Accurate real-time data. Effortlessly
  • 3D character visualization
  • 3D kinematic graphs
  • Patented signal pipelines
  • No post processing, instant export



  • Easy sync with 3rd party devices
  • Data streamed or imported to many digital environments

Use anywhere

  • Tiny trackers worn over or under clothing
  • Use on the field, outside. In the lab, at the desk, production floor, everywhere



  • Biomechanics research
  • Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Sports Science
  • Virtual Reality


The MVN BIOMECH product line has two hardware configurations (MVN BIOMECH Link and MVN BIOMECH Awinda). Both configurations are wireless and consist of 17 motion trackers for full-body human motion measurements and are easy to transport.


MVN Studio BIOMECH software


MVN Studio BIOMECH features

• Intuitive software interface
• Calibration routines
• Scalable biomechanical model
• Record and playback
• Sync setup
• Supports up to 4 hardware setups

MVN Studio BIOMECH includes


  • 3D animation
  • Graphs
  • Data streaming
  • Video

3D Output:

  • Joint angles
  • Segment kinematics
  • Segment global positions
  • Body center of mass
  • Sensor data

Export formats:

  • C3D
  • BVH, FBX
  • Movie (AVI, M4V)


It is easy to synchronize with third party systems using the easy software interface of MVN BIOMECH and the Awinda / Sync station, which has 2 input and 2 output BNC connectors for sending TTL pulses 0-3.3V. It is expected that all industry standards accepting such TTL pulses are compatible with MVN BIOMECH.

MTw Development Kit


Development kit with wireless, highly accurate, small and lightweight 3D human motion trackers. Used in a body area network, this portable and unobtrusive wireless system is ideal for developing customized wearable solutions.


  • Completely wireless and lightweight trackers
  • Accurate output of 3D orientation and inertial data
  • Precise inter-tracker synchronization
  • Retransmission of data while suffering of wireless outages
  • Intuitive Windows software for real-time view, easy logging and export
  • SDK with example code facilitating real-time access to all levels of component data
  • Easy synchronization with other systems
  • Use anywhere: outside, in the office, no lab or simulated environment required
  • Fast click-in of MTw into the specially designed body straps
  • Ideal for research projects, product integration and Human-Robot Interaction

Design highlights

Click-in straps


The MTw trackers click easily into the special designed body straps. Ensuring minimal subject preparation time.

Blinking LED


The LED blinks in sync with the LED of the Awinda Master (Station or Dongle) giving the users the visual feedback that its synchronized.

No buttons


The MTw’s are operated without the use of buttons. While not using them, they will go into a power-saving sleep mode automatically


The MTw Development Kit includes


  • 1-32 MTw wireless motion trackers
  • 1 x Awinda station
  • 1 x Awinda USB dongle
  • 1 x Set of full-body click-in straps
  • MT Manager software and Software Development Kit
  • USB cable and power adapter
  • Suitcase
  • Physical properties MTw Motion Tracker
  • 27 grams
  • 5 x 57.8 x 14.5 mm (W x L x H)

Motion trackers orientation performance

  • Static accuracy (Roll/Pitch) < 0.5 deg
  • Static Accuracy < 1 deg
  • Dynamic Accuracy 2 deg RMS
  • Angular Resolution 0.05 deg

Wireless communication range for Awinda Station (typical)



  • Outdoor 50 meters (164 ft.)
  • Indoor open space 50 meters (164 ft.)
  • Indoor office 20 meters (65 ft.)
  • Update rates
  • MTw internal sampling rate 1800 Hz.
  • Max MTw update rate depending on amount of MTw’s used, e.g.:
  • 1 MTw 120 Hz.
  • 6 Mtw 75 Hz.
  • 12 MTw 50 Hz

Wireless communication range for Awinda Station (typical)

  • Outdoor 50 meters (164 ft.)
  • Indoor open space 50 meters (164 ft.)
  • Indoor office 20 meters (65 ft.)


Output Data


  • 3D Orientation (Euler, quaternions, rotation matrices)
  • 3D Acceleration
  • 3D Rate of turn
  • Awinda Station MTw3D Earth magnetic field
  • Static pressure

The Awinda Station is able to send or accept synchronization signals to sync with other data acquisition systems. The synchronization signals are fully configurable within MVN Studio Pro.

  • 2 BNC ports for sync-in (Slave mode)
  • 2 BNC ports for sync-out (Master mode)
  • Industry standard 3.3V TTL pulses


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