5 VFX Packs for Stylized Unity Projects

Take a look at these 5 great packs with stylized effects and shaders for Unity.

1. All In 1 Sprite Shader

All In 1 Sprite Shader is an all-in-one solution to add sprite and UI combinable effects to your project in the easiest and fastest way possible. It includes 44+ combinable effects and is aimed both towards beginners and experts.

The pack features:

  • Easy to use, 2-click setup, fast lighting workflow
  • Optimized mobile-ready shader
  • Automatic draw call batching
  • The custom Material Inspector offers you full control over the rendering options in case you need them: Blending, Culling, ZTest, ZWrite, Fog, etc.
  • Everything can be accessed and modified via script
  • Extra tools to create Normal Maps and gradients

2. Cartoon FX Remaster

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Cartoon FX Remaster contains 50+ high-quality stylized special effects prefabs as well as lots of general-purpose effects: explosions, smoke, fire, water splashes, magic, electricity, fireworks, etc. This is a perfect pack for creating your comic-book-like projects in Unity.

What's inside:

  • Works on both mobile and desktop/consoles
  • Works in 2D and 3D
  • Works with the built-in and URP (2D & Forward Renderers) pipelines
  • Optimized custom shader with lots of effects (UV distortion, dissolve, shadows, etc.)
  • Camera shake and animated lights, with in-scene view preview
  • HDR effects, and more.

3. Epic Toon FX

Epic Toon FX is a huge collection of 930 cartoony particle effects. The effects work great for both 2D & 3D games. The effects are sorted into 3 categories: Combat, Environment, and Interactive, so every Unity developer will find something useful in this pack.

The pack contains:

  • Over 300 unique FX
  • 930 Total prefabs
  • Most FX available in 4 colors
  • 2D versions of some FX for side-scrollers
  • Approximately 150 textures
  • Extra 50 textures for emoticons
  • Interactive demo project
  • Included Sound FX for missiles/explosions

4. RPG VFX Bundle

Next up, we have a VFX bundle of effects for your Unity RPG projects. This pack includes many different effects that are a must for any RPG.

With this pack, you will get:

  • Different complex effects (Magic arrows, shields, buff and debuff spells, hits, magic circles, projectiles, attack spells, lasers, track markers, and more)
  • A large number of unique textures
  • Multipurpose custom shaders
  • Scripts, one of which allows you to change the color of the effects, so you can change the color in 1 click.
  • HDRP and URP(LWRP) are supported.

5. Stylized Water For URP

And lastly, we have a stylized water pack, built for the Universal Render Pipeline. The pack comes with a water shader, foam, surface normals, and caustics textures, and several water prefabs and materials. A perfect pack for creating stylized water in Unity.


  • Depth based color gradients
  • Surface foam
  • Intersection effects
  • Foam shadows
  • Refraction
  • Caustics
  • Basic buoyancy
  • Basic underwater effects
  • Toon lighting options, and more.

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