8 Rock Smart Materials

Jack McKelvie has released a new pack of 8 rock smart materials for projects Substance Painter that is now available on Gumroad with a bonus material.

To showcase the flexibility of the set, Jack has also created an example scene and textured it for the 8 different rock types. The pack doesn’t feature this scene, but it took him only 2 days to texture all 8 scenes in Unreal.


  • Black Desert Rock 
  • Desert Rock 
  • Grassland Rock 
  • Ice 
  • Island/Beach Rock 
  • Jungle Rock 
  • Lava Rock 
  • Snow/Mountain Rock

You can learn more here

Get the pack for $15

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  • Pesg




    ·5 years ago·
  • Pesg

    Truly exceptional! you're selling materials but you do your best to obscure them in shadow, at the far side of the scene, in tiny images, with tonemapping that further hides them.

    fantastic, this is definitely how you sell your work, but hiding it as far away from the camera as possible with no close ups or clear material shots, as small as possible. Top notch, mate.



    ·5 years ago·

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