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80 Level Job Digest: New Positions for Game Artists

Ubisoft Toronto, Piomotion, GeoTech, Virtuos France, and Wabisabi Games are offering fantastic opportunities.

Environment Artist (Unreal Engine) at Piomotion

We are Piomotion, an ambitious and adventurous animation studio that thrives on pushing creative boundaries. We started our journey as a motion graphics studio, excelling in character animation and storytelling. We are now embarking on an exciting new chapter, diving into the realm of 3D animation powered by Unreal Engine.


  • Experience: Proven experience as an Environment Artist in the animation and/or game industry
  • Proficiency in Unreal Engine: Strong command of Unreal Engine tools, workflows, and material systems.
  • Artistic Skills: Solid foundation in 3D art principles including modeling, texturing, lighting, composition, color theory, and spatial design.
  • 3D Modeling and Texturing: Proficient in 3D modeling software (e.g., Maya, Blender) and texturing tools (e.g., Substance Painter).
  • Portfolio: Strong portfolio showcasing your environment design skills and ability to create visually impressive and cohesive worlds.
  • Optimization Techniques: Familiarity with optimization strategies to balance performance and visual quality.
  • Lighting and Rendering: Knowledge of advanced lighting techniques within Unreal Engine.
  • Unreal Engine Particle System (Niagara): Familiarity with Unreal Engine's advanced particle system, Niagara, to design and implement dynamic visual effects, enhancing realism and interactivity within environments.

Unreal Generalist / VFX Artist at GeoTech

GeoTech creates tools and art for new media content interaction for the Unreal Engine gaming platform.

We aim to help companies and developers create amazing experiences that push gaming and digital interaction to the next level.

Our main value is our team of excited and passionate developers and artists. We create an informal work environment where we listen to our people and their wishes. 

We are seeking a skilled and passionate Unreal Generalist / VFX Artist to join our team. As an integral part of our development studio, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and contribute to the creation of visually stunning and immersive experiences. If you have solid UE4, UE5, Niagara VFX knowledge then you are the one we are looking for. 

Our expectations:

Strong Unreal Engine experience: 

  • Proficiency in working with Unreal Engine 4/5, including Blueprint scripting, material creation, and Niagara systems.

VFX expertise: 

  • Demonstrated experience in creating visually stunning real-time VFX for games or other interactive media. 
  • A solid understanding of particle systems, shaders, and post-processing effects is essential.

Technical skills: 

  • Ability to optimize and implement VFX assets within the game engine. 
  • Knowledge of performance optimization techniques and experience with real-time rendering is highly desirable.

Artistic ability: 

  • A keen eye for detail, color, composition, and visual storytelling. 
  • Strong knowledge of animation principles and ability to create visually appealing effects.

Communication and teamwork: 

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Willingness to receive feedback and iterate on work to achieve the best possible results.


  • A strong portfolio showcasing your VFX and technical art skills. Please provide examples of real-time VFX work and demonstrate your understanding of UE capabilities.


  • Time zone - North America or close working hours
  • English - Upper-Intermediate or Fluent

Lead Animator at Virtuos France

About the position:

  • Lead Game Animators should have experience and ability to lead a team of animators of various seniority.
  • Should have a strong understanding of animating for computer games, along with proven working experience and examples.
  • Animate humanoids and creatures of different shapes and sizes.
  • A strong understanding of animation concepts used such as demonstrating strong poses, timing and weight.
  • Experience in creating animation cycles, poses, and combat animations
  • Experience with both keyframe and motion capture clean up.
  • The ability to animate between various styles including realistic and cartoon.
  • Able to efficiently manage time to complete work to a high standard and meet expectations.
  • Analyze the workflow, technical key points of new projects, and understand requirements from leads and clients.
  • Help mentor junior animators to improve.
  • Passion for games and understand functionality of animation to satisfy requirements of gameplay.
  • Able to vocalize concerns and express opinions in areas such as pipeline improvements, software and processes.
  • Rigging expertise


  • At least 4 to 6 years experience in animation with a minimum of 1 year in game animation as a lead.
  • A recognized degree in Animation or related education, with a solid and systematic knowledge of animation principles.
  • Comprehensive skills in game animation development, 3D model rigging and skinning both simple and complex models.
  • Solid understanding of humanoid and creature movement and behavior, in various styles such as realistic and cartoon.
  • Solid technical skills in, Unreal Engine, Maya, and MotionBuilder (3ds Max and other animation-linked software are a plus).
  • Experience animating humanoids and creatures of different shapes and sizes.
  • A strong understanding of animation concepts used such as demonstrating strong poses, timing, and weight.
  • Experience in creating animation cycles, poses, and combat animations
  • Experience with both keyframe and motion capture clean-up.
  • Good time management skills ensuring work is completed with expected quality and in a timely manner.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Face rigging experience.
  • Passion for game animation.
  • Should have shipped multiple AA or AAA games as a lead or senior animator.

VFX Artist - Unreal Engine at Wabisabi Games

We are a new indie studio working on our first original IP.

The game is a new old school 3D platformer based on graffiti painting. Think of it as a mix of Jet Set Radio and Spyro the Dragon, with an art direction of Asian cyberpunk brutalist aesthetics (like the original manga of Ghost in the Shell).

The game is being developed for next-gen consoles and PC. We are currently reaching beta (in around 3 months) and the objective is to find a person to help the game reach beta and eventually release (the plan is to release the game in Q1 2024).

We are looking for a senior VFX artist focused on Unreal Engine that can help with the development of our videogame, with 2 main responsibilities: 

1. Creating visual effects inspired by the concept art to reach the level of quality of a III (triple I) game.

2. Optimize the creations to spend the least amount of budget in terms of performance.

The person needs to show expertise in the entire visual effects and technical art pipeline.

The current technology pipeline is Unreal Engine 4.27 / Niagara.

Modeler [FAR CRY Project] at Ubisoft Toronto

The daily life of a Modeler at Ubisoft Toronto:

  • Work with the Art team (including Art Lead and/or Art Director) to create high-quality 3D game assets;
  • Follow a project’s artistic direction set by the Art Director/Lead;
  • Adhere to specific pipelines and adapt to constraints, implement and maintain 3D game assets;
  • Be proactive and work closely with other teams to adapt assets to their needs and constraints;
  • Use good judgment and expertise to optimize the assets that are produced and their uses;
  • Prioritize and manage day-to-day tasks to ensure deliverables are completed on time, within budget, and with production constraints;
  • Prepare and communicate asset planning based on the requirement;
  • Researching tools and techniques to create more efficient and visually appealing assets;
  • Proactively help to troubleshoot problematic content;
  • Perform any other related tasks.

What you'll bring:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in game asset creation or equivalent;
  • Experience in 3ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Unreal or equivalent;
  • Solid understanding of PBR rendering, texture, material, its relationship with lighting, and UV unwrapping and layout;
  • Strong artistic sense with an eye for detail, composition, and value/color theory;
  • Ability to accept feedback and adapt to change;
  • Must be proactive, a team player, and a constant learner.

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