80 Level Stream: Head Scanning with Reality Capture
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Those animations look amazing!! Great job!

Very cool review of the making of Spellbreak. Would be even more cool to see some videos inside UE4 showing how they do a few very specific things unique to them.

This was so helpful for me. I'm hoping to adapt your tutorial to pull off something similar comparing modern satellite imagery with historical maps. No topo, so my steps should be simpler, but I'm a novice with Blender and you've really helped. Thanks!

80 Level Stream: Head Scanning with Reality Capture
19 July, 2017

We’ve partnered with Jeffrey Ian Wilson to give you guys a free look at the way Reality Capture can help you get 3d scans.

Incredibly happy to present our joint project with Jeffrey Ian Wilson, who graciously agreed to help us do our first educational video stream. Jeffrey is actually doing a lot of paid tutorials, but this time you’ll be able to get a free look at his powers and he’ll be happy to share the techniques with the world.

The webinar is a follow up to the “Single Camera Head Scanning in Agisoft Photoscan” lesson, which has been viewed over 50,000 times combined! 80.lv will live stream the webinar this Thursday at 10am PST. So make a mental note to check it out tomorrow. We’ll remind you later as well. You can follow the stream here:


YouTube: youtube.com/channel/80level

“I will cover some basic material on photogrammetry practices as well as using Lightroom, Photoshop, Reality Capture, Wrap3, Maya and Marmoset Toolbag.  The purpose of the webinar to teach students how to scan on a tight budget and will even cover an Artec Eva body scan as a bonus.  Students will learn how to maximize output quality while spending an absolute minimum on hardware to develop a scanned character suitable for usage as a digital extra for games and VFX.  I will also go over budgeting and cost including labor and outsourcing resources”.

Jeffrey Ian Wilson

If you’re interested in photogrammetry and 3d scanning, make sure to check out Jeffrey’s upcoming masterclass which will start mid-August. He’s actually treating this as his full-time job for the next 3 month. Basically, he will teach you how to use reality capture to develop a variety of assets including a vehicle, character, prop and environment assets. You can check out more details on the homepage.


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What a great video. There are great little tips in this video. I also found this tutorial really helpful. http://bertrand-benoit.com/blog/the-poor-mans-guide-to-photogrammetry/


Here is record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sU1ki1T-RI
BTW, subscribe to their Youtube channel


Being based in Asia this webinar runs 1 am my time. Will there be a replay?