A Collection of Useful Nodes for SD
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by vijaykhatri96@gmail.com
57 min ago

Great! If a beginner wants to learn Houdini then they needs to click here: https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-houdini

why Hellblade didn't come on ps4 yet ?

by daria
2 hours ago

Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

A Collection of Useful Nodes for SD
18 July, 2018

Jonas Ronnegard has presented a new collection of 5 useful nodes for Substance Designer which can help you build better materials. Nodes and tutorial authored by Alexey Kudryavtsev.


– 5 Nodes for Substance Designer:

  •   Wetness mask – gradient mask which is based on height and AO. Allows you to dry out a surface with only a height map.

  •   Multi blend – allows you to blend multiple inputs without creating multiple blend nodes.
  •   Curvature Advanced – masks concave and/or convex areas of curvature map with the ability of extending, bluring and warping it.

  •   Direction mask – allows you to select and mask specific direction(s) of your surface, for example, flat/top/down/left/right through a normal or height map.
  •   Height level mask – allows you to split two height maps and gives you the ability to adjust the height level of one of them and also creates a mask for both.

– Tutorial.

– Example SBS Files.

You can get more details here

Get the pack for $5+

Source: Gumroad

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Great. So 5$ for existing nodes or nodes you can easily do yourself. Great deal.