A Cool Ocean Shore Simulation Made in Unity

The simulation was created by OMYOG for the upcoming game Project Ferocious.

Solo Game Developer, known as OMYOG, continues the development of Project Ferocious, an upcoming survival shooter set in a prehistoric world full of deadly creatures. This time, the developer has demonstrated a stunning ocean shoreline simulation made in Unity.

According to OMYOG, the ocean is made by combining several effects – the ocean shader itself, the waves that are placed by hand, the foam texture on a plane, and the vertices that are moved in the vertex shader. Splash effects are particles placed by hand. The result looks incredibly realistic and is promised to look just as good in the upcoming game.

Previously, OMYOG shared another tweet that demonstrated stunning plant physics set up in Unity. The developer managed to add natural-looking movement to a Colocasia plant and made it bend appropriately when it is stepped on by the player character.

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