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A great Scene to Learn Survival Horror Level Design

“Abandoned Hospital” is a great little scene from Mad-Man.eu, which can help you to build better high-quality horror games.

If you are exploring ideas for the new survival horror game, created with the help of Unity 5, you should definitely check out this pack from HE – Abandoned Hospital v.1 ($45). It was originally released in 2014, but most recently it was updated and revised, to show all the beautiful things Unity 5 is capable of today.

This is an amazingly big package, that’s great for learning new things. It will show you how to build modular interiors for games. Inside you will find:

– 110 prefabs (brushes, lamps, propses, toilets, decals, elevator etc.).
– Physic based player controller that will allow your gamer to push rigidbodies.
– Brush-based design, so you can create as many different and unique levels as you want!
– Irregular objects are always with hand-crafted, optimized mesh colliders.
– Textures from 1k to 4k.
– Full PBR support.
– Doors, shelves etc. are prepared as interactive objects.

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It’s a great package for those, who want to see how to build environments in Unity. It’s fully interactive and has some wonderful lighting and assets. However, in order to use full screen effects used in example scene you have to use Pro version of Unity. Also, you’ll need to use Deferred Shading and Umbra Occlusion to achieve proper performance on your PC.

You can also check out other works by Artur Grzegorczyn and his company Mad-Man.eu. They have some amazing visuals down there and they also can help you with production of environments or game assets.

Source: assetstore.unity3d.com

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