A New VR Sculpting Tool by Foundry
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A New VR Sculpting Tool by Foundry
15 April, 2018

Have you heard about project “Kanova“? Foundry has recently revealed a new sculpting tool that will let artists manipulate and sculpt assets on a desktop in the usual way, and in virtual reality. Kanova is said to be based on 3D Adaptive Distance Field technology which the company got after the Mischief acquisition. Another thing worth mentioning is that the tool will allow you to generate models with adaptive tessellation.


Feature Highlights

  • Editing scenes using Kanova in desktop mode and within the VR environment
  • Selecting different modeling tools
  • Creating multiple layers
  • Sculpting and painting in color
  • Exporting to Sketchfab format”


Why Early Access?

“Kanova is a new VR enabled sculpting application from Foundry. Before we go too far with the development we’d appreciate more user input into how the features are implemented. Do you enjoy creating with new 3d mediums? Click that buy button (it’s FREE) and provide us with your honest and constructive feedback. We appreciate the support of the Steam community during this very early phase of Kanova’s development.”

Approximately how long will this software be in Early Access?

“We anticipate the Kanova early access program to run for a period of 6 months. At which time we will make the decision to go forward with a commercial product or go back to the R&D Lab to come up with another more suitable product idea.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Kanova 1.0 will contain as many of the prioritized user-requested enhancements and bug fixes that we can squeeze in. If we reach the end of the early access period and don’t have a suitable product we may choose to extend or go back to the R&D Lab to come up with another more suitable product idea.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current Early Access version of Kanova supports sculpting in VR, on the desktop, or both using a variety of brushes. It is possible to use Kanova without any VR equipment.

The Kanova Early Access version supports pen input on the desktop, in addition to mouse and keyboard. For VR input, Kanova Early Access supports HTC Vive & Oculus Touch controllers. 

Currently, there is no support for Windows Mixed Reality.

The Early Access release may contain some bugs (we recommend saving your creations regularly!). Performance is not yet fully optimized: it’s reasonable in most cases, but we’re still improving it.


Kanova is not here just yet, but it will be soon released for free on Steam. Foundry plans to test things with an early access testing period of six months in order to decide whether they should continue and release a commercial version. You can learn more about the tool here.

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