AI Gigapixel: Deep Learning Tool for Image Resizing
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I feel like you can shoot this after printing it out...

by Oneiros
44 min ago

And yes, these video are made using the standard unity pipeline but we will release soon also the HDRP version. Stay tuned!

by Oneiros
49 min ago

Hi khiree.taylan, the projects could run in multiplatform. The graphics showed in these videos are made using a gtx 1070 but soon we will release also the mobile version :)

AI Gigapixel: Deep Learning Tool for Image Resizing
3 September, 2018

A.I.Gigapixel can enlarge images and fill in details that traditional methods leave out.

As you know, here at 80 Level we love to write about AI-powered tools. A.I.Gigapixel is something we definitely can’t miss (via Vlad Kuzmin). This is basically a tool for image resizing, but it thanks to the deep learning algorithms it can solve this problem in a very efficient way.

Basically one of the use cases for this tool is you take a picture of some material with your smartphone. Then you use A.I.Gigapixel to transform these images into 100MP size and 16-bit quality. The final result will probably look like it was shot by a DLSR camera. We haven’t tested it, so we can’t really say it works, but if you have any personal experience, please, share it in the comments – we’ll add it to the post.

This is how A.I. Gigapixel creates missing details.

And here’s a little tutorial on how you can use this software.

Problem is that you can’t get it for free. The software costs $100. Works for Mac and Windows.


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Waifu2X has been doing this for quite a while now. Free tool, open source. Worth looking into.