Animcraft 1.1 Available

Check out a smart and collaborative animation library and editor.

Animcraft 1.1 has recently been released. The toolkit is a collaborative 3D animation and character library featuring productivity tools and bridge plugins.

It is meant for stable motion transfer between any bipedal and some quadrupedal characters based on keyframe and controllers. The toolkit supports different variations in the skeletal hierarchy, rigs, figures, and 3D applications (DCC).


  • Animation keyframing, layering, bridgeIK rig, concatenation, scene editing tools.
  • Smart character and motion library and resources manager and renderer
  • Stable retargeting tools for characters and motions
  • DCC bridge plugins: rig re-targeting and motion import/export supports
  • Game engine import/export supports.
  • Comprehensive formats reader, writer and, converter.

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