Antoine Bagattini's Ivy Generator for Blender Gets Updated

BagaIvy V2 features three distinct ivy generators, over 300 assets, 70 preset species, and more.

ArchViz and Add-On Maker Antoine Bagattini, known to many as the creator of BagaPie, a powerful Blender add-on that brings parametric presets, scattering tools, random arrays, and many other useful tools, has released BagaIvy V2, a new and improved version of his incredible ivy generator for Blender, first showcased back in 2022.

Improving on all aspects of the original, the updated version of BagaIvy features three distinct generators to cover all your needs. The first generator, Precision, lets you design ivy branch by branch, the second one, Accurate, can generate ivy tailored to the surface with a complex and realistic branch network, and the final, Fast, was designed for creating expansive ivy areas, offering top-notch performance.

BagaIvy V2's library contains over 300 assets and 70 preset species. Each preset has its own settings, which allows the generator to be as accurate as possible.

Moreover, the generated ivy is fully dynamic, allowing you to quickly and easily set up seamless loopable animations, add wind-blown effects, and more.


  • Built with quad topology for seamless subdivision.
  • Minimal alpha for efficient rendering.
  • True-to-life species representation.
  • Fully compatible with both EEVEE and Cycles.

You can learn more and purchase the new version of BagaIvy by clicking this link.

Earlier, Antoine also released GeoPack, a new tool for BagaPie that allows one to turn Geometry Nodes into add-ons in minutes. Available for free, the tool enables you to group your node trees and assign custom actions for setup during their addition, as well as link an asset library and export everything to a .geopack file, which can be easily installed by anyone, thus providing a quick and easy way of creating new Blender add-ons.

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