Aquarius - a New Fluid Simulation Tool
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by Christopher henrick
1 hours ago

thank u so much 80lv ! hope this img file works just copy in url bar I guess

Shader looks great, tho the normal on the top seems almost invisible. I really like this tho, I think I can use something similar for a jade statue. But I do think on top of this having a few pieces of geo inside your ice to create the look of cracks that light up at the right viewing angle would be a great touch. 1 last thing and this is more nit picky then anything id say the layer of cracks that seems to be a copy of the top layer beneath maybe just for that layer use your fernsel inverted as a opacity to make them disappear towards the edge of your geo. as for the geo cracks im talking like this, however this is a crystal rock mind you I think youll get my point

Aquarius - a New Fluid Simulation Tool
28 September, 2017

A developer called Makoto Chiba has presented a new PIC/FLIP/APIC based fluid simulation tool “Aquarius“. The tool, originally developed as an in-house solution by MagicPictures Inc., could soon be released for sale, so it’s time to get excited. 

The toolkit has been tested in 3DS Max, but it is Python-based, so there could be more to it. Aquarius can export data in prt, Alembic and VDB formats.

Aquarius is an original application designed to create smooth and realistic fluid water animations. Compared to existing particle-based fluid simulators which cause artificial bounce, Aquarius produces high quality visual effects of fluid movements without visual loss of volume. In addition, unlike Blob, it does not generate unnatural splash or roundness in the liquid surface. 

Aquarius can create high quality effects through control of various characteristics such as liquid flow, splash, bubble, vortex, viscosity, collision, and external forces.

Magicpictures,Inc. utilizes Aquarius to provide dynamic fluid animation and any other CG animations services. For further information, please contact us.


You can read more about the tool here.  


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